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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Common Core Standards: A Very Bad Idea

The No Child Left Behind Act, which allowed states to set their own public school standards for "proficiency," is considered a failure by all factions in the education world. Therefore, we obviously should force all kids in every state to be held to uniform national standards of proficiency. Right? No; that's very wrong. But that bad idea is being aggressively promoted by the Obama Administration. The mailed fist in the velvet glove is the extraordinary river of taxpayers' money used to force compliance.

Having taken over major parts of the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the automobile industry, the college student-loan industry, and the health-care industry, the Obama Administration is now taking over the $600 billion public-school industry using taxpayers' money from the Stimulus package. The White House concedes that "stimulus" is now a negative word and avoids its use because it obviously did not stimulate jobs. But Stimulus dollars will stimulate the takeover of our children's minds under what is called Common Core Standards. That's the moniker for forcing national curriculum standards on all public schools.

Imposing national standards sounds so alluring and positive. We would get rid of our messy, different 50 state standards, and make our kids smarter by incentivizing them to aspire to a higher bar of achievement, make them all college-ready, enable them to rank higher on international tests, and enable them to better compete in the new global economy.

However, children will never be properly educated under a system run by bureaucrats handing out money and the National Education Association union spending the money in the classroom. This NEA union has extraordinary millions of dollars extracted from its members to lobby for leftwing policies and to elect their political candidates to support NEA policies.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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