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Monday, October 18, 2010

Did a Communist Teach History to Your Children?

Several months ago on this series of programs, I told you about the most widely used history textbook in the public schools. It's called A People's History of the United States by the late Howard Zinn. It has sold a million and a half copies since it was published in 1980. It is required reading in many high schools and colleges. It is a very leftwing version of U.S. history, full of multicultural, feminist, and class-war propaganda. This history textbook by Howard Zinn sells the thesis that America is not a republic but an empire controlled by certain white men. Its heroes are anti-establishment protestors. The book debunks our nation's traditional heroes, such as Christopher Columbus and Andrew Jackson, and doesn't mention great Americans such as Thomas Edison.

Well, a few weeks ago, new information came out about the author. The FBI released 400 pages of files on Howard Zinn, and it turns out that he was an active member of the Communist Party. Howard Zinn was vice president of a group in Brooklyn, New York run by the Communists. He was so important in the Communist Party that he taught a class to his comrades on "basic Marxism," and attended Communist Party meetings in Brooklyn five nights a week. The FBI interviewed many fellow Communists who confirmed Howard Zinn's longtime Communist Party membership. Publicly, Howard Zinn lied and denied his Communist Party membership, which was the common practice of Communist Party members in those years.

Howard Zinn's history textbook was specifically written to present a Marxist version of U.S. history, emphasizing the Communists' preoccupation with the "class war." Howard Zinn's textbook is worse than anything he ever did as a member of the Communist Party. You need to check your local school and find out if your kids are being taught U.S. history from Howard Zinn's textbook.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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