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Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Forget to Vote on November 2nd

This year, 2010, could be the most important year of our time. The November 2nd election will determine whether, as President Obama wants, America is “fundamentally transformed" into European-style Socialism, or we make a solid right turn, elect a conservative Congress, and halt extravagant spending into what our government admits is “unsustainable debt” that will burden our children and grandchildren.

I believe conservatives can do it, despite the gloom and doom dished out by the mainstream media, if they manifest the typical optimistic American can-do attitude. The American people are waking up. You can verify this in the way public support has plummeted in the opinion polls for all big-government-spending policies. It's rather funny that "Stimulus" has become a negative word. Nobody wants to use it any more. People realize that Obama's Stimulus plan created only government jobs, and that the big healthcare bill means higher taxes, less choice, and poorer health care.

Conservatives have suddenly become the majority voting bloc. The Gallup Poll reports that 40% of Americans describe their own political views as conservative and only 21% as liberal. Tea Parties and rallies continue to attract citizens who have never before been involved in politics. In this vital election year, hundreds of worthy candidates are running for office. I urge all conservatives to find a candidate you admire and volunteer your services -- for office work, making phone calls, or even going door-to-door. You can choose a candidate for Congress, or your state legislature, or some county or local office.

We have the opportunity to put America on the right track by building a solid conservative majority. In Ronald Reagan's words, now is “A Time for Choosing.” The majority of Americans now realize, as Ronald Reagan said, that government is the problem, not the solution.

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