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Friday, October 22, 2010

Making Jobs for Feminists in Other Countries

The Obama Administration and the Nancy Pelosi gang in Congress are always pandering to the feminists and trying to give them more and more taxpayers' money. They have a new radical feminist bill they are trying to push through Congress called the International Violence Against Women Act -- I-VAWA for short. The feminists already have a well-funded Violence Against Women Act for the United States, and this bill is intended to give the feminists lots of money to carry out their activities in foreign countries. The bill called I-VAWA broadly defines violence against women to include non-violent "psychological harm," "intimidation at work." Naturally, lots of taxpayers' money will be needed for so awesome a task, so the bill authorizes a five-year appropriation of $1 billion.

This bill opens the door for Obama's feminist friends to dictate to 20 other countries. The bill would set up "gender-integrated, comprehensive" plans, and authorize U.S. money to be spent to develop "programs affecting social norms, community attitudes, and male and female participation in violence and response to victims."

One important section of I-VAWA assures that the feminist left controls the flow of taxpayers' money. It provides for grants to "Women's nongovernmental Organizations and Community-Based Organizations." It's a no-brainer to predict what kinds of "organizations" will be eligible for those grants. You can be sure that non-feminist organizations will not be on any approved list of grantees.

Does anyone dare to think that the State Department report will call for stopping the violence against women committed by mandatory abortions to carry out a government's one-child policy? Or report on sex-selective abortions to kill unborn girl babies because parents prefer a boy baby?

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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