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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Opportunities for Grassroots Involvement

One of the factors that gives us hope that new grassroots involvement in political action can bring about a real change in the direction our government is heading is the fact that conservatives are developing new channels of communication and ways to bypass the liberal mainstream media. We now have mighty tools to talk and plan with each other. When I was fighting to Stop ERA in the 1970s, our only channels of communication were the telephone and the Phyllis Schlafly Report mailed by what is now called snail mail. We didn’t have internet, computers, email, or even fax machines. Now, to spread our message and find new activists, conservatives have talk radio without leftwing spin, the internet, and conservative websites.

In this vital election year, hundreds of worthy candidates are running for office. I urge all conservatives to find a candidate you admire and volunteer your services. Host a House Meeting for your friends and neighbors so all can be better informed on the issues. House Meetings were how Obama got his multi-billion-dollar Stimulus bill passed by Congress. He boasted that 3,587 Economic Recovery House Meetings were held, covering all 50 states and every congressional district. Grassroots Americans can do that, too.

Sign up to become a poll watcher. You are the best defense against voter fraud. This is one of the greatest contributions you can make to defend the integrity of our voting system. So many elections are won or lost by only a handful of votes. One congressional candidate we backed in Michigan won this year by only 14 votes out of 71,000 votes cast! Send a contribution to worthy candidates. Money is a major factor in who wins and who loses. Money is absolutely essential to respond to political attacks by TV, radio, and telephone. All concerned Americans must be part of the solution in 2010! Speak out publicly to spread the conservative message.

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