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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Political tussles in California

California Democrats are facing their own battle as they try to hold on to their majority power in the nation's capital. Longtime California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is struggling to hold on to her seat, so she has called on President Obama to begin campaigning with her this week. Orlean Koehle of the Eagle Forum believes Boxer, who is up against Republican candidate Carly Fiorina for the Senate seat, must pull the president into the race because she knows she is losing.

Orleane Koehle (Eagle Forum)"I think a lot of the Democrats are actually shying away from Obama, because often when he does appear, he actually chases voters away," Koehle notes. "I do not believe he is a very popular president anymore, and I think those Democrats who do bring him in to help them end up regretting it."

As Obama sides with the Democratic candidate, Fiornia will campaign with former presidential runner John McCain while Sarah Palin rallies across the state in an effort to win GOP votes. However, the Eagle Forum activist does not think Fiorina's decision will have a positive effect on her party. "I do not think McCain is very popular at all; I don't think that's a very wise choice," she suggests.

Koehle believes the candidates who are not longtime politicians are gaining momentum in the state, and she thinks the November election will bring new faces to California's government.

Source: OneNewsNow.com

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