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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dismantling America: Thomas Sowell's Advice

Well-known economist Thomas Sowell has a gift for cutting through the fog of political rhetoric and getting to the core of an issue. His newest book, called Dismantling America showcases his talent. This book includes 100 of his best newspaper columns grouped into five sections: government policies, political issues, economic issues, cultural issues and legal issues. His essays explore various forces that are undermining the traditions, laws and values that made America great.

Politicians are the most frequent targets of Thomas Sowell's sardonic wit, but he doesn't spare voters who are foolish enough to believe impossible promises. "Are you for 'open space' laws forbidding building and also for 'affordable housing'?" he asks. Then don't be discouraged when open space laws send housing prices sky high. Sowell has a wonderful way of addressing policy matters through a combination of historical perspective, the experiences of other countries, and a relentless application of logic. For example, when the liberals attributed the high murder rate in Oakland to a disregard of "the injustices and inequities" of certain groups in the community, Sowell reminds us that there were no "injustices and inequities" when crime was dropping in the 1960s. It was after liberals began to cut back on law enforcement and imprisonment that the murder rate suddenly doubled between 1961 and 1974.

The expansive topical range of these essays allows Sowell to interject some interesting biographical details. Sowell reveals that reading Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto in his twenties led him to become a Marxist, from which he thankfully recovered. These columns demonstrate how clear thinking and timeless conservative principles can successfully refute the latest liberal hokum. The name of this book by Thomas Sowell is Dismantling America.

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