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Monday, November 01, 2010

Hopes for the New Congress

We look forward to the election tomorrow in the hope that we can decisively reject Barack Obama's plans to "fundamentally transform the United States." Here are some goals we hope the new Members of Congress will address. In regard to taxes, we want them to vote against all tax increases and new taxes; vote to cut federal spending to the pre-bailout level; and vote to abolish the death tax.

We want the new Congress to repeal Obamacare; vote for legislation providing that all health plans receiving federal tax benefits must include the availability of high-deductible insurance with health savings accounts; and vote for a government-wide ban on the funding of abortions in any health plan that receives federal benefits.

Here some items we do NOT want the new Congress to vote for. We do NOT want them to vote for any form of amnesty for illegal aliens; or for any funds to enable the Attorney General to sue to knock out Arizona's popular immigration-enforcement law. We DO want the new Congress to order the federal government to build the fence on our southern border which was legislated in the Secure Fence Act of 2006; and to send U.S. troops to our southern border to prevent illegal entry; and for legislation requiring that aliens seeking to enter or remain in the United States must renounce a belief in jihad, sharia, polygamy, child marriage, arranged marriage, "honor" killings, and female genital mutilation.

We do want Congress to prohibit Mexican trucks on U.S. roads. and to stop giving the benefits of U.S. citizenship to babies born to illegal aliens. And vote to prohibit the use of taxpayers' funds for any activity designed to promote economic or political union with North America or any foreign countries.

And, very important, we want Congress to vote against any bills that exceed Congress's enumerated constitutional powers.

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