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Friday, November 19, 2010

MO ALERT: Will Bond Leave a Legacy of Pork?

Tell Sen. Bond to vote NO on Democrats' Omnibus Bill
November 19 2010

Dear Missouri Friend,

Retiring Senator Bond needs to hear from you today. A Missouri Eagle confirmed this morning through a phone conversation with Sen. Bond's office that  he has several projects, pork, for Missouri in the over-the-top omnibus  spending bill coming up for a vote possibly today. It's likely he'll vote with the Democrats to get it passed!

Sen. Bond needs to hear from Missourians: we don't want these pork projects. 

The mid-term election results are clear: Missourians want government to be more fiscally responsible. 

Call him or send an email now.

Sen. Bond needs to know that a NO VOTE on the Omnibus bill is a better legacy to leave than one of supporting projects paid for by our children and grandchildren.

Americans for Prosperity first sounded the alarm, and pointed out a Wall Street Journal article by Betsy McCaughey outlining the implications of an omnibus on ObamaCare:

To achieve this goal, Senate Republicans should filibuster to stop the omnibus spending bill, delaying action until after Jan. 3. Stopping it is vital not only to shrink government spending but also to defund ObamaCare.

If Republicans say "no" to the Democrats' lame duck omnibus bill, then in January Republicans can write numerous, specific appropriations bills that fund federal departments but bar money from being used to  implement the new health law. They can prohibit funds appropriated for the Internal Revenue Service from being used to hire agents to enforce compulsory insurance, and bar funds for the Department of Health and Human Services from being used to write ObamaCare regulations.

Take Action

Call Sen. Bond to thank him for his service and urge him to stand strong for Missouri values to the end. He needs to hear that Missourians do not want an additional $1.1 trillion in spending. We want to begin the fight against ObamaCare NOW!

Urge Sen. Bond to use his last days in the Senate to do the right thing.

D.C. Office: 202-224-5721

St. Louis Office: 314-725-4484

Springfield Office: 417-864-8258

Cape Girardeau Office: 573-334-7044

Kansas City Office: 816-471-7141

Jefferson City Office: 573-634-2488

Columbia Office: 573-442-8151

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