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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Texas Speaker Showdown

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Cindy said...

Excellent Clip!! Can you believe--Speaker Straus is advertising in print & the internet that he's pro life and a conservative. In fact, I see that google is advertising this right on Eagle Forum's page--this page!! His 100+ NARAL rating plus the RNC for Life publicly releasing article that he's not prolife--yet--how does he get away with such false advertising and continuing to deceive the public!! Another FACT: The Texas Conservative Coalition is made up entirely of Texas House & Senate elected legislators. Speaker Straus is not even a member!! Now if he was a conservative--funny he doesn't qualify for membership. Meanwhile Governor Rick Perry signed the Pledge with Texans that all members of the TCC have signed.

With the last election, Texas voted in 22 NEW TEXAS HOUSE REPS and a total of 99 Republicans of the 150 total HD in Texas. Texans WANT REPRESENTATION!! We want a Conservative Speaker. We certainly don’t have that now with RINO Speaker Straus. Our districts must clearly revolt over having a RINO to ride herd over Conservatives. We must CHANGE COURSE!!

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