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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Yes, We Want Congress to Vote NO Many Times

Some people criticize Congress by calling it the Department of NO. In fact, we really do want Congress to vote NO on all the mischief that is presented by the liberals. Here is a list of very bad ideas that we are counting on the new Congress elected today to reject and vote NO.

More federal involvement in education which interferes with the authority of parents and individual states.

Any attempt to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act known as DOMA.

Any effort to revive the so-called Equal Rights Amendment.

The repeal of the law that forbids open homosexuals from serving in our military.

All proposals for a national Constitutional Convention (known as a Con Con).

Any attempt to bypass the Electoral College by a vote-transfer deceit called National Popular Vote.

Any legislation to pretend that the District of Columbia is a state and entitled to a state's representation in Congress.

Any carbon tax or cap-and-trade bill, which we call a cap-and-tax bill because it would drastically increase our electricity and other energy costs.

The legislation known as Card Check, which would deprive workers of their secret ballot in workers' elections.

And here are some ways that the new U.S. Senate can protect American sovereignty by voting No. We want the Senate to vote NO on:

-the New START Treaty, which would restrict our right to build anti-missile defenses.
-the UN Law of the Sea Treaty.
-the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child.
-the UN Treaty on Women (known as CEDAW).

And vote NO on any judicial nominee who espouses the unconstitutional theories of a "living" or "evolving" Constitution, or an "activist" judiciary.

These are all bad ideas on which we want our Congressmen to vote NO.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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