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Monday, December 27, 2010

Are We Grinding America Down?

Today I want to tell you about a new documentary video that won the Grand Prize at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. The prize was $100,000 -- not bad for a video by a first-time producer. It's called Agenda: Grinding America Down. Here's how this came about.

Back in 1992 a guy named Curtis Bowers snuck into a Communist meeting at the University of California in Berkeley. These Commies had elaborate plans to destroy America from within. Bowers sized them up as unrealistic and impractical, and he decided he didn't need to worry about their far-out plans.

Fifteen years later, Curtis Bowers was a new member of the Idaho State Legislature and it suddenly hit him how drastically American culture has changed. Not only changed, but changed along the lines of the goals he heard laid out in that 1992 Communist meeting. Those goals included infiltrating the media, schools, colleges, and even churches with Communist propaganda, plus a plan to use the environmental movement to tie up business with red tape and regulations. Bowers wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper about his observations, and that ignited a firestorm. Bowers was spurred into action, and he spent the next two years reading hundreds of books, articles and speeches about Communist plans.

He then produced a video called Agenda: Grinding America Down, the result of his years of research. The video explains the origins of Communism, its relationship to Socialism and the so-called "progressive" groups, and the changes in our culture that are otherwise hard to understand. The video has many interesting interviews with prominent authorities. It's worth watching if you want to understand why American culture is changing right under our noses. This video is called Agenda: Grinding America Down, and you can see a trailer of this film at www.agendadocumentary.com

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

Curtis Bowers (AGENDA, GRINDING AMERICA DOWN) should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This explains who the demon strators and protestors and sympathizers were before and are now who had various communist flags - Soviet Union (Communist Russia), North Vietnam, China during the Vietnam War; The U.S. flag burnings, egging returning servicemen in uniform.

The US Army has stopped wearing their green service uniforms - allowed the blue dress uniform as the only uniform now.

The US flag patches on the right shoulder of the current camo uniforms (no black berets) are in backwards postion (so called charging position).

Rules for Radicals, 1971 mentioned in AGENDA 1971 by Alinsky is dedicated to Lucifer...

The NEA-National Education Association mentioned in AGENDA shows it recommends this book to teachers.

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