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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do Teachers Value Feelings Over Knowledge?

Has the new ideology called Multiculturalism taken over our education system? One survey reports that nearly half of American history teachers believe it is less important that their students understand the history, ideas, rights and responsibilities that bring our people together as Americans than that kids celebrate the different identities and experiences of foreign ethnic, religious and immigrant groups. This radical notion is called social-justice multiculturalism, and it means teaching kids to oppose assimilation into the American culture and instead teaching them they live in an "oppressive" society and then training them to be activists who challenge our political system.

Only about one-third of public school teachers say it is"absolutely essential" for their students to "know facts" (such as the 50 states in our country) or dates (such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence). They don't want facts to get in the way of advocacy. Surveys show that the majority of public school history teachers are more eager to teach students "to be tolerant of people and groups who are different" than it is to teach them historical facts. Public school history teachers are trained to believe this in the university schools of education, which are dominated by leftwing instructors.

I was shocked recently when a professor of history at a major university told me that the question came up in his class as to who was the United States President during the Civil War. He said not a single student in his class knew it was Abraham Lincoln. I couldn't believe this, and I started asking recent college graduates I know the question "Who was the American President during the Civil War?" I am shocked at the number of recent college graduates who simply do not know the answer to that question. They should have learned about Abe Lincoln in grade school, or at least in high school.

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