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Friday, December 03, 2010

Gaffe About Shovel-Ready Jobs

Jobs are certainly the number-one issue, but only three weeks before the crucial congressional election on November 2, President Obama casually admitted that his claim last year that his Stimulus spending bill would create 3.5 million "shovel-ready jobs" was not true. That's right; he admitted that those things he talked about never existed. Obama poured salt into his friends' political wounds. He bemoaned that he let himself look like "the same old tax-and-spend liberal Democrat." That's not just how he looks; that's what he is. He has saddled us with colossal debt that mortgages the future of our children and grandchildren with no end in sight.

Ramrodding ObamaCare through Congress by peddling the notion that we should pass it first, and then learn to love it, was a colossal failure. Obama's 38 speeches promoting government health care failed to convince us, and we liked it even less after we got a closer look.

Call the roll of Obama's remarks that are downright insulting to American values. He bows to foreign dictators who hate us and apologizes for America at the United Nations. He puts down American exceptionalism. Obama attacks our deeply held religious values. Three times, he pretended to quote the famous lines from the Declaration of Independence but conspicuously omitted the words that our unalienable rights were given to Americans "by their Creator."

Obama has made a mantra of saying that America is a nation of "nonbelievers" as well as Muslims and other faiths. The Census Bureau's official Statistical Abstract reports that less than one [0.7] percent of U.S. adults are atheists. He insulted the Boy Scouts by boycotting their 100th anniversary Jamboree in July, attended by 45,000 Scouts only a few miles from the White House. Instead, he spent that day consorting with leftwing feminists on television.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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