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Monday, December 13, 2010

Government Trampling on Parents' Rights

When the liberals and the feminists, including Hillary Clinton, began saying the "village" should raise the child, most people recognized village as a metaphor for government. We're now seeing how intrusive Big Government Nannyism really is. State agencies operating under various names such as Child Protective Services have been assigned the task of protecting kids from abuse or neglect by any adults, especially by their own parents. A new study casts doubt on the value of these agencies.

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was passed by Congress in 1974, and about 45 states passed complementary state laws. Taxpayers' money began to flow big time to the bureaucrats. Child Protective Services rushes into action based on anonymous tips and investigated more than three million cases of suspected child abuse in 2007. Researchers examined the records of 595 children nationwide alleged to be at similar high risk for abuse, and tracked them from ages 4 to 8. The researchers looked at all the factors known to increase the risk for abuse or neglect and concluded that the government agency's intervention did little or nothing to improve the lives of the children. There was no difference between children in the families investigated or not investigated.

The journal of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, which reported the research study, published an editorial entitled "Child Protective Services Has Outlived its Usefulness." Unfortunately, the researchers did not look at the harm caused by the bureaucrats who arrive unannounced with the police, interfere with a functioning family, and often take the children away from their parents and turn them over to foster care. When taxpayer appropriations are voted next year by Congress and state legislatures, bureaucrats should be required to demonstrate whether any good outweighs the harm they do.

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