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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hip-Hop Curriculum Slams Founding Fathers

Some government schools have adopted a new education aid known as Flocabulary. This is a program that uses hip-hop songs to help students in grades 3 to 12 memorize vocabulary words and the basic principles of math, science, English, and history. The U.S. history section has raised eyebrows in Oklahoma. Here are some examples why. The chapter covering America's Founding Fathers is titled "Old Dead White Men." It focuses on the perceived faults of our nation's early leaders. I'm sure you've noticed that liberals usually want to concentrate on the sins and mistakes of American heroes rather than on their tremendous accomplishments.

This Flocabulary rap describes James Monroe's presidency as a period of "White men getting richer than Enron./ stepping on Indians, women and blacks." Here's how the song describes President Andrew Jackson: "Andrew Jackson thinks he's a tough guy./ Killing more Indians than there are stars in the sky./ Evil wars of Florida killing the Seminoles./ Like Adolf Hitler he had the final solution./ Indians, I don't want you to live here any more." A song about the U.S. Supreme Court says: "The dudes in the robes, what they wear under there nobody knows." Another rap likens Alexander Hamilton's duel with Aaron Burr to Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident.

The late Communist historian, Howard Zinn, praised this U.S. history curriculum as "extraordinary" and "necessary." The website for this incredible curriculum claims it is already being used in 10,000 schools nationwide. When questioned, school officials said, "You can't use conventional methods to teach children these days." Well, I would bet that parents don't like it, so, if you have kids in public schools, you had better investigate what they are being taught -- and not taught.

Listen to the radio commentary here:


Dallas said...

Wow I have never heard of this Flocabulary sounds very controversial. I don't think the students families will appreciate this very much.

Dallas Web Design said...

nicely commented..

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