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Friday, December 17, 2010

Television Tells a True Story of Injustice

Network television aired a compelling one-hour documentary in November which demonstrated the total viciousness of many people and officials toward fathers. Aired on ABC's 20-20, the program showed the true story of a former Vancouver, Washington, police officer named Ray Spencer, who spent 20 years in prison based on false charges presented and manipulated by a malicious ex-wife and a female prosecutor who was seeking publicity for being tough on crime.

Ray Spencer was convicted of molesting his two children who are now adults and say it never happened. The son was 9 years old at the time. Prosecutorial officials questioned the kid, alone, for many months until he said he had been abused in order to get the detective to leave him alone. The daughter was age 5 at the time. She was questioned over and over again until she said what the interrogators persuaded her to say.

There were many other violations of due process in Spencer's trial. The prosecutors withheld medical exams that showed absolutely no evidence of abuse. Only recently, a video was discovered in the prosecutor's garage which clearly showed the five-year-old daughter denying repeatedly what the prosecutor was trying hard to get her to say. Spencer was five times denied parole because he refused to admit guilt, a customary parole practice that is maliciously designed to save face for prosecutors who won't admit they prosecuted an innocent man.

After 20 years, as the result of the dedicated work of Spencer's girl friend, the Washington State governor commuted the sentence to time served. He went free, but he couldn't get a job because he remained on the state registry as a child sex offender. Finally, Spencer got the court to reverse the conviction. But 20 years of this innocent man's life were gone, and the prosecutor will never be punished.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

Astonishingly there are hundreds of like cases of men falsely accused, maliciously investigated and denied a fair trial. Yes, here in the USA,
our prison-Industrial-complex is fed by females who use sex as a legal-weapon to destroy lives.
After prison, these men find a new horror, the
bureaucrats who operate and cling to a "Sex-offenders-registry" used to further the persecution and demonization of innocent men.
Imagine, torture and persecution exercised by elected prosecutors, sell-out defense attorneys,
feminist social workers and vengeful accusers.
Cry for these abused and legally raped men...

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