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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closer Look At Higher Ed

Here are some more facts about colleges that parents and grandparents should consider before taking out a second mortgage to finance a college education for a child or grandchild. First, will a college degree be some sort of assurance of financial success? The fact is that 29% of college graduates today are working in high-school level jobs. The Census Bureau reports that 20% of individuals making less than $20,000 a year have college bachelor's or master's degrees. After considering the cost of a college education and the cost of forgone wages, the average earnings advantage for college graduates over a lifetime is not going to be the million dollar figure that is often given, but will be maybe half of that and maybe only one-tenth of that figure.

University students learn less than you think. National surveys show that only 29% of college graduates achieve a score of "proficient" on national literacy tests. In a multiple-choice exam on American history and institutions, the average high school senior scored 54%, but after a year in college, the average college student scored only 50%.

Let's also talk about what students are going to learn when they do go to college. In some university departments, the ratio of registered Democratic professors to Republicans is 21 to 1. It seems to be clear that earning a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts departments usually significantly changes students' opinion on cultural issues, such as marriage, abortion, prayer in school, and the Bible. Many English departments are known as Oppression Studies because assignments to the classics of Western Civilization have been replaced by articles and books by 5th-rate authors who claim they are oppressed by a white patriarchal society. The best way to avoid wasting your tuition money on leftwing propaganda is to persuade your children to major in engineering, math or science.

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Oppression studies indeed; I love English literature but decided to major in Spanish literature focusing on classical literature. I still pursue my love of History and English literature on my own. I felt that most of my college professors were hostile and antagonist to Christianity and tradional values. There is no reason to go to college for merely liberal studies; I hope my children do choose engineering.

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