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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Local organization leader talks against abortion

Executive Director for King's Treasure Thrift Store and Living Alternatives, Stan Richardson, spoke on the controversial subject of abortion and abortion laws at the monthly luncheon meeting of Eagle Forum Tuesday.

According to the Living Alternatives Website, Richardson heads the Alamogordo branch of Living Alternatives, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to offering young women a place to find hope and practical help as they walk through an unintended pregnancy.

The Living Alternatives was founded in 1982, in Tyler, Texas. The Alamogordo branch was founded in 2004 and formerly called Seeds of Life.

Alamogordo Living Alternatives is funded by monetary donations from individuals, churches and businesses. The organization also receives 68 percent of the proceeds from King's Treasure Thrift Store, 1500 N. White Sands Blvd., sales funds the organization's Pregnancy Help Center, 1222 N. White Sands Blvd.
The Alamogordo branch offers help to all young women and teens who are facing an unplanned pregnancy with friendship, medical services, prenatal care, baby care and adoption as an alternative to abortion.

Richardson referred to the Web site http://aboutabortions.com as his source of information on the topic of abortion and abortion laws.

He started out by asking the Eagle Forum audience "What's the purpose of law? or why do we have laws?"

He said he believes law is for protection, to protect the innocent and spotlight what's wrong and right, and how we should value one another.

"There is an ancient writer that wrote 'when we value one another, the law is fulfilled,'" Richardson said. "If you think about it, It's a powerful statement."

He said he believes abortion laws need to be changed in the United States.

"They should be stricken off the books," Richardson said. "They show in our nation it's a destruction in our nation. It's to trash the vast resourcefulness of human ingenuity. It's what abortion does. We do need to get those off our books. We need to be enlightened and know what's going on in our legal system. We need to bring freedom, peace, hope and safety to all Americans."

He said he believes the law should reach to the born and the unborn.

"It should be safety to all human life," Richardson said. "Our House in the United States legislature has put forth two bills will counteract our health care law. One is the 'to protect life act.' The other is 'no taxpayer funding for abortion act.' Both of these are geared to negating any federally funding of abortions."

He said he believes the state bill going before the New Mexico legislature is going to protect pregnant woman and their unborn children.

"If a child loses its life from its mother's womb from a violent act, it would step our present laws up," Richardson said. "I believe it gives value to that baby in the womb. It says that baby deserves as much right as its mother. It's something that's on the docket in our state legislature."

Richardson said he had a petition for audience members to sign for legislators to enact a bill prohibiting late term abortions in New Mexico.

"Legislation that would ban abortions on unborn children who feel pain would end this travesty," he said. "It's something that they're trying to get passed. The law is supposed to spotlight to us what's right and wrong. How we can value one another. Let's keep that purpose in mind."

Source: Alamogordo Daily News
By Duane Barbati, Staff Writer

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