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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prepare to get wiped away

NPR radio just reported this:
Columnist Ruben Navarrette ... "They're not fools — they realize that there are those places where they can overplay their hand, and I think the 14th Amendment change is a perfect example of a bridge too far," Navarrette says. "It's poison. You play with that, and I am never, ever going be able to go before a group of Hispanic women ... and convince them that the Republican Party isn't anything but a bunch of ogres." ...

"Demographics do not lie. They will never again elect a Republican president if they don't get this right in short order," he says, "because Hispanics are increasing in population at a rate where they're going to wipe away everything else."
So by this reasoning, the Hispanics are going to "wipe away everything else" in the USA, and anyone who opposes the illegal invasion of anchor babies is an ogre.

For more info, read Detaching the anchor from anchor babies, soon to be posted on this site here.

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