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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Strange Push for More College Students

One of President Obama's fallacious notions for how to reduce unemployment, especially among young adults, is to get more students in college. He claims the United States is "falling behind" other nations in graduation rates, it's down to 12th place in the world, and he says we should regain "leadership" by inducing more young people to attend college. To deal with this fictitious problem, Obama set a national goal of "retaking the lead" by using more taxpayers' money to finance more students to go to college. Of course, some students are well prepared for college and eager to learn, and will therefore gain knowledge from college they can turn into a high-paying career. Unfortunately, a large number of young Americans are poorly prepared for college -- after social promotion and grade inflation in high school -- and are not willing or able to do college work; they expect college to be a big Five Year Party.

Many of these kids wind up in low-skill, low-pay jobs such as cashiers, waiters, theater ushers, and postal workers, which can easily be performed by high school graduates. Many of those young people who can get only so-called high school jobs are still trying to pay off large college loans.

Inducing more kids to go to college by federal grants and loans won't give us better jobs or a better workforce or a more prosperous country. It will only give us more credentialed kids who believe the system hasn't treated them fairly. However, Obama's plan does have advantages for the President and his Party. Forcing taxpayers to finance more college students will put more money in the pockets of leftwing professors and college administrators and give them the opportunity to influence more young people to accept leftwing ideologies. Obama knows that college students are one of his major political constituencies, so the more young people who are indoctrinated by liberal professors, the more Democratic votes turn up in the ballot box.

Listen to the radio commentary here:


BettySue said...

More young adults in college also means fewer out there looking for jobs. An automatic way to make the unemployment numbers look better.

RJ said...

Let us keep the masses uneducated! My professors were conservative and liberal. I loved to hear them argue over global warming using facts and not hearsay. If we expose true intellectual arguments to the masses we risk losing a large conservative base.

And educated people make more money, so we need to be sure to keep the riff-raff where they belong, in the lower class.

Have fun with that.

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