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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cal picks girls lacrosse over boys baseball

California had to kill boys lacrosse in order to keep girls lacrosse and comply with Title IX:
UC Berkeley announced that men's rugby, women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse would remain as varsity programs, less than five months after Cal announced the teams would have to be cut or demoted to varsity club status because of the UC system's financial crisis.

But baseball and men's gymnastics will not be retained, officials said. As of July 1, Cal will be the only NCAA Division I school in the state without a baseball team. It will be without a national power in men's gymnastics, in which it has won four NCAA team titles.

The decision on which teams to keep and which to drop was based on a mix of financial and gender-equity issues. ... The resurrection of women's lacrosse and women's gymnastics keeps the school in compliance with Title IX, a federal law that has played a key role in providing equal opportunity for women in college sports.
Girls lacrosse? Except for a few eastern colleges, it is hard to find any girls who even know what lacrosse is.

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