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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Year's Resolutions for State Legislators

The most important news of 2010 was the election of 680 new members of state legislatures. Here are some New Year's Resolutions for laws I hope they will consider passing.

First, health care: Out-of-pocket medical expenses should be tax deductible, and self-paying patients should not be charged more than insurance rates. It is clear that ObamaCare wants to eliminate the free market in medical care; so the best antidote is more power in the hands of patients.

Second, the judiciary: The courts of this state shall not apply or invoke foreign law in resolving any domestic dispute. Foreign law has no legitimate role in American courts.

Third, Homeschoolers should not be denied participation in any sport, activity or scholarship program by any public school. Homeschoolers pay taxes and they should not be discriminated against.

Fourth, No governmental entity should deduct any portion of a worker's paycheck that is used to finance political activities. It is un-American to force a worker to donate to a candidate, yet many government unions use payroll deductions to elect liberal candidates.

Fifth, There should be no sale or rental of extremely violent video games by children without parental consent. The reason for this is that video games are increasingly graphic and harmful.

Sixth, There should be a philosophical exemption to all vaccination requirements, and no student should be denied admission to a public school for lack of vaccination unless this exclusion is justified by a certified epidemic of a disease at that location. This right is already enjoyed for other medical treatments, so we should have it for vaccinations, too. About a third of states already allow families to decline vaccination for any reason, and other states should, too.

Tomorrow, I'll give you some more good suggestions for state legislators.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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