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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Will Fat Government Make Kids Skinny?

The President has signed Michelle Obama's Child Nutrition Bill. This law is supposed to provide children with more nutritious school meals. Many people believe that, instead, it will lead to greater reliance on the badly managed school food programs while simultaneously weakening good parenting. Parents should be the key to solving the problem of childhood obesity. This new law is over 200 pages, and it is typical Washington meddling, full of new regulations. It expands government control over local school districts, imposes fines for noncompliance, and provides taxpayer funds for a "food service management institute."

Michelle Obama congratulated all those who worked on the bill, using terms such as "we can all agree" and "nothing is more important." Then she melodramatically stated that the new law will "save lives." The U.S. has no real hunger problem. Everyone agrees that it's important for children to have healthy food. But the real impact of this bill is much larger than nutrition. It represents an enormous growth in government control over our personal lives and the lives of our children. It tells parents to stop their most basic role-to feed their children. Why would they bother when schools now feed children three meals a day? Michelle said "when our kids spend so much time in school, it's clear that we can't just leave it up to the parents." But why not? Why can't we expect a parent to serve their kids a bowl of cereal in the morning and put a sandwich and an apple in a paper bag?

The issues of malnutrition and obesity are complicated. Michelle Obama has missed a golden opportunity to remind parents of their most basic responsibility.

Schools should do something constructive by making sure that the kids have recess every day.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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