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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

BU Alum Assails Feminism as “Dead-End Road”

Suzanne Venker
New book urges women to “make lemonade out of lemons”

During her years as a BU undergraduate, Suzanne Venker was known, she writes, as “that conservative girl from the Midwest,” with values that collided head-on with most of her peers’. Writing frankly, at times contemptuously, about what she sees as the sins of progressive liberals in general and feminists in particular, the former middle school teacher has made a name for herself among right-wing pundits such as David Horowitz, Ann Coulter, and Laura Schlessinger.

Now, Venker (SED’90), 43, has teamed up with her 85-year-old maternal aunt, lifelong antifeminist warrior Phyllis Shlafly, to write The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say (WND Books), a polemic that blames “the so-called women’s movement” for lowering women’s happiness quotient even as they can claim — as the writers concede — more freedom, more education, and more power. The book, which seeks to liberate women from “feminism’s dead-end road,” caps a lifetime of activism for Shlafly, a Harvard-educated political scientist and lawyer best known for leading the 1970s right-wing charge against the proposed Equal Rights Amendment.

Source: BU.edu

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