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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cheers for Repeal of ObamaCare

The U.S. House did what its candidates had promised and the voters expected: the House passed repeal of ObamaCare, the centerpiece of Socialism. According to public opinion polls, support for repeal remains strong among the American people despite Obama's prediction that once his favorite bill was enacted into law, we would like it. In addition, 200 distinguished economics experts signed a letter predicting that ObamaCare will be a barrier to job growth, inflict us with a crushing debt burden, and is not real health care reform.

The House should keep up its momentum by specifically repealing the most obnoxious section, which two courts have already ruled unconstitutional: the mandate on individuals to buy insurance. When Obama campaigned against Hillary Clinton, he accused her of supporting such a mandate and promised to oppose it.

The Congressmen who voted for repeal should keep reminding the public why this is a bad, dictatorial, and offensively expensive law. They should taunt the Senate into having a vote so we will know who is on which side of this issue. When repeal is finally achieved, either through a change of U.S. President in 2012 or a Supreme Court ruling that ObamaCare's crucial provision is unconstitutional, Americans will enjoy some rights that ObamaCare would otherwise take away. Repeal will save you from being hit with a big government fine for not buying insurance, and you will keep your right to buy health insurance that includes the benefits you need instead of a more costly policy. When the repeal of ObamaCare is final, you won't lose your job because your employer is struggling to comply with his expensive mandate. And, if ObamaCare is knocked out, your children and grandchildren won't be hit with $1 trillion of new debt to burden their future.

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