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Thursday, March 03, 2011

How to Replace ObamaCare

The U.S. House fulfilled its promise when it voted to repeal the law called ObamaCare, which grants 2,000 powers to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. For example, regulators will decide what clinical drugs seniors will be allowed to get. The regulators are empowered to use "comparative effectiveness research" to determine whether seniors get care at all. That's code for the authority of bureaucrats to decide (based on your age and condition) whether you are worth spending any money on; that means whether you live or die.

Congressmen also promised to replace ObamaCare with better reform. What they should do, I believe, is to detach health care from bureaucrats and appropriators. That's the only way to get health care costs under control. We should also detach health care from the unfortunate link between jobs and insurance that created the present system of third-party payers. That process began as a tax loophole during World War II wage and price control, and now traps millions of Americans in a tough compromise between an unproductive job and unsuitable high-cost health insurance. This can be done by allowing us to make our own decisions by paying for smaller, routine expenses from our own tax-deductible health savings account, instead of relying on third-party payers whose rates constantly escalate. Employee group health insurance plans, with higher deductibles, should pay the major costs.

The House should hold weekly hearings in order to dispel the misinformation we are fed by the liberals, such as the foolish notion that government health care in other countries is more efficient and less costly. Tens of thousands of foreigners come to the U.S. every year for medical treatment because they know they have a better survival rate here.

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Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

How about doing away with the Government-insurance company partnership altogether?

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