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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Truck Drivers Should Speak English

U.S. law requires truck drivers to speak and understand the English language. The Obama Administration plans to admit Mexican trucks to our highways and roads, and says it will "conduct an English Language Proficiency" test of each Mexican driver. However, it does not say the Mexican drivers must speak English or pass the test. We know from congressional testimony of the previous Transportation Secretary that the Department's policy is to approve Mexican drivers as "English proficient" even when they respond to an examiner's questions in Spanish.

The Obama Administration proposal to admit Mexican trucks contains provisions about monitoring, inspections, review, and drug and alcohol inspection. But it says nothing about requiring Mexican trucks to meet U.S. standards and be rejected if they do not pass the tests. This is a particularly bad time to start admitting Mexican trucks because of the drug war going on along our southern border. It's a safe bet that many of the trucks will be carrying illegal aliens and illegal drugs.

Trade is supposed to be two-way street and so, under the Administration proposal, Mexico is supposed to admit U.S. trucks to drive on Mexican roads. Well, there's nothing equal about that. American truck drivers don't want to drive into northern Mexico, which is the most dangerous area in the world. A fullscale war is going on among the drug cartels. It's a far more dangerous location than Afghanistan. These murders committed by the drug cartels include beheadings, dismemberment, and torture. Those drug gangs have killed most of the police in northern Mexico. This truck deal with Mexico is a bad deal for Americans on both sides of the border. Tell your Congressman to oppose allowing Mexican trucks on U.S. highways.

Listen to the radio commentary here:


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the USA had no official language per se, since many, many of its residents speak Spanish or French almost exclusively - and have done since the US was carved up by colonists from Spain, France, England, and probably Holland. English is spoken by the majority, yes, but there's nothing legal stopping residents speaking whichever language they feel like. Therefore urging people to speak one arbitrary language which not even all Americans speak seems... well, a bit loopy. Shouldn't you start with the inauguration of an official language and work from there?

Roger said...

Yes, residents are free to speak any language they please. But our highway signs are in English, our laws and regulations are in English, and our police officers speak English. Safety requires that truck drivers be able to communicate in English.

JoAnn from IL said...

It would be nice if our Congress would act to make English our official language (I don't understand why they have a problem with this idea), but as Roger points out, it is already our de facto "official" language. It is on all our signs and all original official documents in every city and state in the U.S.A. I would never presume to go to Mexico and expect to even attempt to obey all their laws and driving instructions since I neither read nor speak Spanish. This is just another attempt to "harmonize" us right into a North American Union against the will of the people.

abner fernandez said...

Love it!!
To the point, articulate, and interesting
On the Road Again

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