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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drug Tunnels Along the Mexican Border

Most Americans know about the influx of illegal drugs coming across our southern border, many in vans guarded by heavily armed members of the Mexican drug cartels. Less well known is the large quantity of illegal drugs that come into the United States through underground tunnels that are marvels of modern engineering.

A few weeks ago, federal investigators discovered a sophisticated cross-border tunnel in an industrial part of San Diego, California. Half a mile long, the tunnel is equipped with railroad tracks and carts to carry the drugs from Tijuana, Mexico. U.S. investigators were amazed at the modern construction of the tunnel. It has a lighting system throughout the tunnel as well as an efficient ventilation system. The walls are reinforced with wood and cinder blocks and has plenty of electrical outlets to charge the jackhammers used to position the tunnel 60 to 90 feet underground. The exit from the tunnel on the U.S. side is beneath the kitchen floor of a house in the middle of a bunch of warehouses and truck repair shops along the border between Mexico and San Diego. More than 20 tons of marijuana have been confiscated from this tunnel. Investigators believe the tunnel was operated by the Sinaloa cartel, one of the five largest Mexican drug cartels.

This tunnel isn't the only one. A week later, U.S. agents found 32 tons of marijuana in a similar tunnel only a block away. It connected two warehouses. Over the last four years, U.S. authorities have found 75 tunnels, most of then not so sophisticated. San Diego is a particular target of the tunnels because of its dense commercial and industrial infrastructure.

One of the most necessary expenses of our federal government is to protect our borders against the entry of illegal drugs.

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