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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Free Trade with China Cheats America

Some people foolishly call our relationship with China "free trade." But there is nothing free or fair about it; we are in a trade war between a militantly protectionist Communist government and a U.S. shackled by obsolete illusions about trade. The whole notion of free trade with China is dishonest. China is pumping public funds into its government-run companies, such as the airlines and steel mills, and the proportion of industrial production controlled and subsidized by the government is increasing rapidly.

With the Communist Party in the driver's seat, China violates international law and trade agreements, slaps taxes and regulations on U.S. plants in China, and forces U.S. corporations to give away their trade secrets and manufacturing know-how to Chinese competitors. Chinese regulators have unlimited discretion to reward China's friends and punish enemies. Communist China is the world's top producer of illegal copies of music, movies, software, designer apparel, medicines, and other U.S. products. Chinese agents stole or illegally bought our high-tech, electronic, military, and communications systems.

China's strategy for economic development specifically includes stealing foreign innovations in order to develop domestic technology and manufacturing. China's goal is to be the world's biggest exporter based on stealing U.S. know-how and subsidizing Chinese manufacturers.

That's only part of China's strategy to cheat Americans. When U.S. companies build plants in China, Beijing forces them to disclose their technology in order to gain contracts, and the result is that major U.S. corporations, including our biggest technology companies, have given China their most valuable industrial secrets.

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Anonymous said...

Who would be surprised to hear this? I don't know how our government lets this happen. NOW, the Chinese have a permit to drill oil in Texas. The tv commercial where the Chinese people are holding class telling the Chinese students how stupid America is, is SOOOOO TRUE, and then the end "and NOW you work for US>" We are at war in our own country - the mexican illegal aliens, the muslim, the chinese.... and Obama wants to protect Lybia and Afghanistan?

innovatv1 said...

Free trade is a form of adultery having needs met outside the American family.

Greed and individualism run amuck.

America cannot trade with animalay who treat their people like slaves because it intensifies the temptation for the wealthily Americans to treat working Americans like slaves in order to bring the cost of business down.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of China; The subsidized Junk they dump on our markets and the politicians in thier pockets.25% tarriff to start,imbargo 2nd.

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