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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Russians Fooled Us Again

It looks like the Russians fooled U.S. negotiators again about a nuclear weapons treaty. President Obama bamboozled the Senate into a hurry-up ratification of his New START Treaty with Russia by adding a so-called "understanding" that we will not be bound by any limitation on our building anti-missile defenses because that language is only in the Preamble. However, Russia impudently rejected this "understanding" and then ratified New START Treaty with its own understanding that the language about anti-missile defense is "indisputable" and must not be ignored.

China is spending the billions of dollars it gets from its tremendous sales to Americans to build the most formidable military force in the world. China is building strategic nuclear weapons with delivery capabilities, submarines and ships, fighter planes and bombers, and a new anti-ship ballistic missile to sink U.S. aircraft carriers. Communist China recently conducted a space test involving two satellites that rendezvoused several hundred miles above Earth in a maneuver that boosts Beijing's anti-satellite weapons program. That's a key capability for space warfare, intelligence gathering, and destroying enemy satellites.

We no longer worry about a nuclear attack from Russia, but we should start worrying about China, North Korea and Iran. It's time Americans wake up to the fact that China is not merely a friendly trading partner who manufactures cheap goods we can buy at WalMart. We should all reflect on the fact that every time we buy a product made in China, we are helping to build Communist China's military force and especially its nuclear weapons that will not only be able to dominate the Pacific, but will threaten the United States.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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