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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Is President's Obama's Ideology?

Many books have already been written about President Obama. Various writers have analyzed his actions and tried to figure out his motives. Some books have called him a civil rights leader, some a closet Muslim, some a radical Socialist. Now author Dinesh D-Souza offers a provocative explanation based largely on Obama's own autobiography called Dreams From My Father. This explanation is that Obama is an anti-colonialist like his father, who was a citizen of Kenya in Africa committed to Kenya's struggle for independence from Britain.

The colonial period in history , when European countries grabbed colonies, especially in Africa and Asia, is long gone now. Those African and Asian countries have achieved their independence. But colonialism was never part of American history; every country we occupied we promptly left and came home. But in Africa, the hatred against their European bosses remains. Britain isn't colonial power any more, so some Africans have transferred their bitterness against Europe to the United States, since we are the world power now. According to this neocolonial worldview, America is a bully using our military might to plunder the resources of developing nations, and this explains the motives of Obama and his father. The neocolonialist mindset teaches people to envy America because we are so rich, so they try to force us to give away our wealth. One curious evidence of Obama's bitterness against Britain is that one of his first acts after moving into the White House was to pack up a bust of Winston Churchill that stood in the Oval Office and send it to Britain because it reminded him of British imperialism in Kenya. The name of this provocative book by Dinesh D-Souza is The Roots of Obama's Rage.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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