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Sunday, April 10, 2011

What the LA Times is Afraid to Tell You About Phyllis Schlafly

Feminists are cowards. They hide behind the power they’ve been given, and routinely abuse this power, because they lack the courage to confront the issues head on. That’s why there wasn’t a word in Daum’s column about the book she was supposed to be covering. Rather, she dredged up the same tired argument feminists have belabored for decades: Phyllis Schlafly spent her life telling other women to “stay home” while she herself did not.

That is simply false.

Phyllis Schlafly was what we today call at “at-home mom” for two decades. She was not employed in all that time but was very politically active. These two things work fine in tandem, for it does not require an allegiance to the workplace or a boss. Your time is your own, and you can work around the needs of your children. That Phyllis had help during the day to assist in various household duties has nothing to do with Phyllis’s political stance. She did not spend her career fighting the concept of childcare. She spoke out about why daycare is not a healthy environment for babies and toddlers.

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