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Thursday, May 19, 2011

How About Single-Sex Lunches?

Middle school is the age that boys and girls begin to really notice each other. Recess and lunch are times when schools may have some flirting, teasing and rough-housing, as boys and girls try to impress one another. The principal at Pleasant Valley Middle School in Wichita, Kansas noticed that many students were so focused on socializing that they didn't get around to eating lunch. He said, "It seems like 80% of our students were throwing away whole lunches. Then they'd be hungry later." He said that "any unstructured time in school is a challenge. ... Part of that time is used for showing off in front of other kids." Sometimes inappropriate interactions start at lunch and then are carried over into recess and the classroom.

So the principal started single-sex lunches. Boys eat lunch while the girls go to recess; then the groups switch. Almost immediately, students began really eating their lunches. As time went on, the new routine decreased many behavior problems. It took a while for the kids to get used to the new schedule, but most of them now seem to prefer the gender-separated lunch time. Recently, teachers offered a co-ed lunch as a reward, but the kids said, "Yuck, why would we want that?"

Some experts believe that kids would be better off and learn more if boys and girls were separated for classroom instruction, but schools that try that could be facing a lawsuit from the feminists whose dogma is that there is no difference between boys and girls, and that any separation of the sexes in school constitutes illegal discrimination against girls. The attitude and policies of feminist elementary school teachers that boys should be forced to behave exactly like girls is very detrimental to boys. I hope the feminists don't hear about the successful separation at lunchtime inaugurated by the courageous principal in Wichita.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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