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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Education Not the Key to Jobs

Many members of the Obama Administration are singing the false tune that more federal spending on public schools and colleges is the key to more jobs. Domestic Policy Adviser Melody Barnes used a stream of buzzwords: education is the "key to winning the future" and we must "out-educate the world." Vice President Joe Biden chimed in by launching his "College Completion Tool Kit," a bunch of expensive suggestions to increase the number of college graduates by 50%. He wants to shift the focus of government spending from high school completion to college completion. Biden was the lead speaker at a conference called "The First Annual Building a Grad Nation Summit" held in Washington in March. His plan sets forth vague goals such as developing an action plan, accelerating learning, and concealing the fact that many students who are now admitted to college can't do college work and must take "remedial" courses.

Of course, Biden's plan calls for extravagant taxpayer handouts such as the "First in the World" initiative, and "College Completion Incentive Grants" to reward states for undertaking so-called "reforms." That's on top of money already committed by the Obama Administration, such as $40 billion more in Pell grants, a 90% increase in tax incentives through the "American Opportunity Tax Credit," making it easier for students to get grants and loans, and forgiving the college debt of students who promise ten years of public service.

Why should taxpayers be forced to continue unaffordable deficit spending to send more kids to college when the evidence shows that our economy is not offering enough jobs for college graduates now? Jobs will be the biggest issue in next year's elections, but more years of taxpayer-funded schooling are not the key to creating more jobs.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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