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Friday, May 13, 2011

Pushing Women into Military Combat

The feminists in the Obama Administration are pushing hard to get women in the infantry, armor units, and direct combat with the enemy. Can you believe: the Pentagon has set up a Military Leadership Diversity Commission. It issued a report in March that it wants the military to resemble the ethnic makeup of America. This Commission said women should be assigned to land combat units in order to "create a level playing field" in promotions "for all service members who meet the qualifications." The Pentagon apparently wants to repeal the 1994 law that prevents women from being assigned to direct land combat in the infantry, most artillery, and tank units.

Men who know what real combat is all about say there is a big difference between a female exchanging gunfire with insurgents and the upper-body physical demands of an Army Ranger or Navy SEAL engaged in intense close-in violence. Retired Marine General Carl Mundy said, "I believe there is a broad lack of understanding of exactly what direct ground combat is. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left an impression that being subjected to enemy small-arms fire, or that being captured, wounded or killed, is direct combat. It isn't. Closing with and destroying the enemy by the most violent means available -- and often at eyeball-to-eyeball range -- is direct combat. Moreover, the units which are trained into teams to engage and defeat the enemy directly exist on the basis of masculine cohesion."

This Diversity Commission wants the Defense Secretary to appoint a Diversity Czar. All these recommendations were made on the basis of what is called consensus. Diversity Commission members were not brave enough to have a roll-call vote on the issue of sending women into combat.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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