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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cancelling Tariffs Are a Racket

The alleged elimination of tariffs is a racket that allows the Koreans to subsidize their own exports to the U.S. while taxing all imports from the United States. South Korea simply replaces its tariff with a value-added tax (called a VAT), which gives Korean manufacturers a 10% rebate on all goods they export and imposes a 10% tax on all U.S. goods allowed to be sold in Korea. KORUS even limits our right to check contaminated food imports.

South Korea already enjoys plenty of free trade with the United States, so there's no need for KORUS. Have you been into any electronics store and seen the hundreds of products imported from three giant Korean electronics companies? Donald Trump said that when he tried to buy a thousand television sets made in America for one of his hotels, he found that was impossible and he had to buy Korean TVs.

The so-called jobs plan includes other unwelcome ideas such as giving so-called Fast Track authority to Barack Obama so he will have the power to negotiate future trade agreements. That's just what Obama needs to give momentum to his goal of "spreading our wealth" around the rest of the world. Then there are downright silly provisions such as urging the federal government to do more efficient training of workers and educating children to be innovators and entrepreneurs. There isn't a shred of evidence that the government is capable of doing those things, no matter how much money the government spends or how much the government eliminates so-called "bureaucratic complexities."

The game plan of the globalists is to ratify KORUS first and then pass the trade agreement with Colombia immediately after. Colombia has a 16% VAT, which makes Colombia even more discriminatory against the United States than Korea.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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