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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Alabama's New Law About Illegal Aliens

Alabama just passed a new law to deal with some of the problems caused by illegal aliens. Yesterday, I told you about its requirement that employers use the program called E-Verify to check whether or not an employee is legally in the United States. Here are some more provisions.

This new law requires public schools in Alabama to ascertain students' immigration status. The law gives parents of foreign-born children the opportunity to confirm their lawful status by providing a sworn statement. It also compels Alabama's public schools to inform taxpayers about the total cost of educating illegal aliens in public schools. That's a great idea; certainly the taxpayers are entitled to know how much they are spending on public schools. And this new law bars illegal aliens from enrolling in any state-funded, public college in Alabama.

This law requires proof of citizenship or residency before voting, a giant protection against vote fraud. That's a most important provision and is being copied by other states. And, this Alabama law prohibits aliens not lawfully present in the United States from receiving state or local financial benefits. The new Alabama law makes it an offense to knowingly rent living quarters to an illegal alien.

Those who oppose this law claim that states can't do anything because immigration is a federal matter. But the country's authority on immigration issues, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, said that the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision on immigration law has signaled that it will set a high threshold before ruling that a state law conflicts with federal law. I hope other states w ill follow Alabama's example and pass a constructive law to deal with the problems and costs to the taxpayers of illegal aliens.

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