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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Governor Christie Expands Charter Schools

The only real competition that the public school monopoly ever sees is from charter schools, which can operate without the suffocating teachers unions and without many senseless regulations. In New Jersey, charter schools are limited to by having to use teachers who have been trained and certified by the education establishment, but a little competition is still better than none. Earlier this year Governor Chris Christie’s administration granted applications for 23 new charter schools, fulfilling a campaign promise he made to expand this method of giving parents an alternative to the traditional public school system. In contrast, only 6 applications for charter schools were approved a year earlier in his state.

Governor Christie’s approval of 23 charter schools was the largest annual increase since charter schools began in New Jersey back in 1995. His approval increased New Jersey's total by nearly 30%. Governor Christie, in his characteristic outspoken style, was blunt about his purpose in approving charter schools: he wants this to “shake up the status quo. We’re doing this for one very simple reason: we want all students, regardless of their zip code, to have the education their parents want them to have. That is not happening now, particularly in the cities. And that’s obscene.” Those are Christie's words.

Governor Christie also declared his support for single-gender classes, which has proven to be successful but is vigorously opposed by the ACLU and by the feminists. Sometimes boys and girls learn better if they are separated from each other, but liberals oppose this common sense approach. Feminist ideology supports the ridiculous notion of the interchangeability of the sexes, so feminists insist on a mindless sameness and togetherness of education rather than what is best for learning.

Many charter schools cannot accommodate the large demand by parents. Waiting lists are typical for charter schools as families flee the failing public schools.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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