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Friday, August 26, 2011

China Opens Oil Field in Iraq

The United States waged an incredibly expensive war in Iraq, got rid of their cruel dictator, set up a peaceful democratic government, and rebuilt much of the country's infrastructure. Iraq has the second largest supply of oil in the world, and the spoils of war should belong to us. We should take enough Iraqi oil to reimburse the United States for all the money we spent to liberate Iraq from the rule of a tyrannical despotic dictator. And we should also use Donald Trump's great idea of taking enough oil to give a million dollars to the family of every U.S. serviceman killed in the Iraq war and to every serviceman or woman who was badly wounded.

But that isn't happening. The first new oil field brought on line in Iraq in more than 20 years started pumping on June 21st. But America is not getting any of Iraq's oil. Can you believe -- Communist China has been allowed to drill for oil there. China is expected to get three million tons of crude oil a year, according to China Daily, an official English-language Chinese newspaper. The Chinese company, called the China National Petroleum Corporation, which is owned by the Communist Chinese government, signed a contract with the Iraqi government which gives China these oil rights for 23 years. China is investing $2 billion in this project.

Of course, China's money is really U.S. money that China has acquired by selling us cheap products. The Chinese development of this oil field provides no benefit whatsoever to the United States, and not even to Iraq except for hiring a couple of hundred laborers and security guards who are paid less than $600 a month.

Ask your Congressman why the United States isn't getting the oil from Iraq. After all, did we win the war, or didn't we?

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Robert said...

"Set up a peaceful Democratic government"...That would be laughable if the reality weren't so sad. "Replaced one dictatorship with another" would be more like it. The Iraqi so called "democratic" constitution incorporates Shari'a Law, and since democracy and Shari'a cannot co-exist, guess what? That's right, it is not a democracy. Want further proof? Since when do Christians flee in masses from a truly legitimate peaceful democracy? Yes, some of their leaders have quoted America's founding fathers, and spoken highly of democratic principles, but then again, so did Ho Chi Mihn, the Viet Cong, and Castro.

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