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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

E-Verify Bill Must Be Amended

States that are hurt the most by the invasion of illegal aliens recognize that the Obama Administration is not enforcing the laws to prevent illegals from crossing our border and taking jobs away from American citizens, so the states are trying to protect themselves by enforcing the laws against illegally entering our country. However, the pro-amnesty crowd is fighting back and got Congressman Lamar Smith to introduce a bill to preempt, that means to forbid, the states from requiring use of E-Verify unless employees work for state or local governments. This bill forbids the states from using their constitutional power to revoke the license of businesses that hire illegal aliens unless the federal government takes action first. The fact is that there is no likelihood that the Obama Administration will prosecute employers who hire illegals or fail to fire illegal workers, or who contract out part of their workforce to circumvent the system.

The arguments for Lamar Smith's new bill are fallacious. For example, we are told that Arizona's law, and similar laws passed by other states including Alabama, Missouri and Georgia, were passed only to prod the federal government into taking action and Lamar Smith's bill is the appropriate result. In fact, state laws were passed to protect the state's own citizens from the enormous costs of dealing with illegal aliens by schools, hospitals and various welfare programs, and to protect their citizens against unfair competition for jobs in our current period of high unemployment.

Illegal immigration is a vast unfunded mandate. The Supreme Court has forced states to admit illegal alien children in tax-supported schools, and Congress forces states to give illegal aliens health care into hospital emergency rooms, so the states ought to have the power to defend themselves against these high costs.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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