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Friday, August 26, 2011

Most education majors get straight As

An American Enterprise Institute study reports:
Students who take education classes at universities receive significantly higher grades than students who take classes in every other academic discipline. ... The favorable grades awarded in education classes cannot be attributed to student quality or structural factors like smaller classes. With regard to the former, education majors score considerably lower than students in other academic departments on college entrance exams. ... The culture of low standards for educators is problematic because it creates a disconnect between teachers' perceptions of acceptable performance and the perceptions of everyone else.
An Education degree is a joke. The Education departments get the worst students and give the best grades. Teacher pay is based on seniority and credentials, not merit. The credentials are usually Education degrees.

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Elliott said...

This has been true for over a generation. I remember graduating from the University of Delaware in 1969. Those of us who were pre-med or engineering, were out of the running for valedictorian top honors at graduation. A GPA of 3.70 paled in comparison with the dolts granted 4.0's from the Dept. of Education!
At the time, I considered the fact that grade inflation for primary and secondary school teachers may serve the function of giving them the self confidence necessary to sustain them in teaching in public schools. Given the broken children coming into public schools, it is perhaps best that they are not taught by truly intelligent teachers. Such would reject the PC values curriculum offered now in our public schools!

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