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Friday, September 16, 2011

Current Attacks on the U.S. Constitution

Tomorrow will be Constitution Day, the 224th anniversary of the signing of our great United States Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787. This is a good occasion for every American citizen to study why our Constitution is so great, and to resolve to protect our Constitution against two major current attacks on it.
1 - Several groups are currently toying with the notion of calling another Constitutional Convention (Con Con) in order to pass a constitutional amendment favored by the group but which the Congress has not seen fit to pass. Some people are eager to have a Balanced Budget Amendment, some an amendment that would allow a majority of states to repeal acts of Congress, some a right-to-life Amendment. Although a Con Con is legal, it would be very foolish because, once a Convention is convened, it can make its own rules and set its own agenda. I've attended at least 15 national political conventions, and I know that the guy with the gavel controls what comes up at a national convention, and the rules made ahead of time are really worthless. A lot of powerful people don't like our Constitution or our structure of government, and they would seize the opportunity to make major changes. Big Media would become a big player in any convention.

2 - A second attack on our Constitution is coming from those who want to change our constitutional form of government by abolishing the Electoral College. That's the process by which our Presidents are elected. The Electoral College is the mirror image of the Great Compromise that the Founding Fathers worked out between the big states and the small states. The Electoral College has served us well for more than two centuries, and "if it ain't broke, let's not try to fix it."

Make Constitution Day meaningful this year by reading the Constitution and studying the text that all our public officials swore to uphold and defend.

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