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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg against American workers

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for "eliminating the cap on H-1B visas" and believes restrictive U.S. visa policies -- particularly the limiting of employment-based green cards -- are a form of "national suicide."

Bloomberg, who spoke Thursday at the U.S Chamber of Commerce about national competitiveness, has been an advocate for eliminating the visa cap, easing access to employment-based green cards, and doing more through visa policies to attract foreign entrepreneurs and encourage foreign students to remain in the U.S.

But Bloomberg's call for more H-1B visas comes at the same time the pace of visa demand is relatively low, as is IT hiring overall. ...

Bloomberg's didn't address arguments from H-1B opponents who view the visa as a way to bring in low-cost employees or displace workers through offshore outsourcing.
Unemployment is high. We do not need to be importing foreign workers when American workers cannot find jobs. It is crazy for Bloomberg to say that limiting foreign labor is "national suicide."

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