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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Nanny State Goes After Daycare

The state of Colorado has just issued a 98-page proposal to regulate daycare centers, and Colorado parents are shocked at the specifics. If you didn't know some people want to move us into a Nanny states, just listen to these regulations. Here are the pending regulations for toddlers and infants that are by the Colorado Department of Human Services Child Care Division:
"Activities shall be culturally sensitive and represent diversity" and "boys and girls shall not be restricted to gender-specific role-playing." All doll collections must represent at least three races. Children shall not be required to participate in an activity and must have a choice of at least two alternative activities. Children are not allowed to drink whole milk unless they have a written note from their health care provider. Each type of art material shall have a minimum of 10 pieces, such as 10 paints, 10 paintbrushes, and 10 crayons. Each classroom shall have at least two sets of blocks with a minimum of 10 blocks per set. Each classroom shall have a variety of at least 5 accessories for each block and be representative of people, animals, and transportation.

These proposed state regulations have alarmed parents, who think they are ridiculous, and also worried daycare providers who say the rules will place an undue burden on struggling small businesses while expanding the ranks and authority of state regulators. These regulations will drive many daycare facilities out of business, and increase the cost of doing business, price many families out of their daycare options. These regulations hve not yet gone into effect, so if parents and daycare providers kick up a big fuss, they might have a chance of getting them cancelled. Meanwhile, these regulations are a good example of the mindset of the socialist-minded regulators who think they can dictate and remold human behavior.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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