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Monday, September 26, 2011

Report From Inside Public High Schools

Anyone who doubts the dismal state of our public schools should read a book written by a teacher who has seen the problems first hand, and is willing to blow the whistle instead of going along to get along. The name of this revealing book is Set Our Children Free by Tony Caruso. Caruso is a retired engineer who decided to do something useful in his retirement by teaching math and science in public high schools.
From his personal experience, Caruso sets forth how little learning actually goes on in schools. Ever since Political Correctness and Outcome Based Education became the vogue, less and less is required of students. Teachers feel increasing pressure to dumb down the curriculum and give every child a passing grade. Many students believe they are entitled to a good grade without having to work for it, and cheat if they aren't interested in the class. According to Caruso, schools serve as a sexual playground for teenagers who are primed to think about sex by suggestive clothing, explicit sex education, and the hook-up lifestyle.

This teacher, Tony Caruso, believes that bad behavior is the number-one problem in schools. Teachers are rarely able to hold students accountable for their actions because teachers have no authority to enforce school rules. Teachers are afraid of lawsuits or losing their jobs, so they won't stand up to students who misbehave. Drugs, stealing, lying, cheating, and disrespect of teachers are very common.

At the end of his book called Set Our Children Free, author Tony Caruso offers some practical solutions for reforming the public school system, including allowing parents to choose their child's school, allowing teachers to enforce rules, and creating academic and moral accountability.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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