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Friday, October 07, 2011

Candidates Should Be Talking About China

The media are absorbed with the race for the Republican presidential nomination and predicting who will win. But why are they omitting discussion of the elephant in the room--I mean China? When Donald Trump briefly considered running for President, his straight talk about China helped him rise to the top of the Republican field. So, why aren't the media interrogators asking other candidates any questions about China?

Communist China is a tremendous national security issue. The only cut Barack Obama is willing to make in federal spending is in our military power, which means he will be ceding our military superiority to China and to other hostile totalitarian nations. While Obama is shutting down our U.S. space program, China is going full-speed ahead to achieve space dominance along with the ability to deny it to America. This year China unveiled a new, high-tech stealth fighter plane that could threaten our air superiority. China has built its first aircraft carrier. China is deploying a new anti-ship ballistic missile that can sink U.S. aircraft carriers, and developing electromagnetic pulse weapons to use against our aircraft carriers.

Communist China is also a big medical issue. More than 80% of the active ingredients for prescription drugs sold in the United States are made in China or India, where the manufacturers and facilities are rarely or never inspected. Now we learn that 180 drugs needed to treat leukemia, cancer and other diseases are in dangerously short supply because of contamination in facilities in China and India. While a deal is now being negotiated to start U.S. inspection of Chinese drug plants, there is no reason to believe that occasional inspections in China will make these important drugs safe for Americans to use.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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