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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Gender Gap Disadvantages Men

Using a well-known expression: Yes, Virginia, there is a gender gap. However, the gender gap doesn't disadvantage women; it punishes men. The biggest losers in the Obama economy are men rather than women, a fact that is bad for men, for families, for the federal deficit problems, and for the health of the U.S. economy. Men have lost twice as many jobs as women. The 9% unemployment figure is not a good measure of the problem. The most important factor is that 20% of American men (one in five) are not in the workforce. Those 20% are not all included in the unemployment figure. Some have just dropped out of the count and are no longer looking for a job, and some are drawing disability.

We used to have an economy where a man could work a professional or blue-collar job that paid well enough to support his wife as a full-time homemaker and buy a house for his family. Since millions of those good jobs have been outsourced to China and other low-wage countries, the husband is now lucky if he gets a $10-an-hour job and sends his wife out to look for a job.

I hope men are not counting on President Obama’s much ballyhooed Jobs Plan to get them back to work. Barack Obama will always toady to feminist demands, such as when he responded to their public tantrum by giving women the majority of his Stimulus jobs. The National Economic Council report recites some of the many ways the Obama Administration “is committed to continuing the push for an economy that provides economic security and jobs for America’s women.” You heard that right. The Obama Administration is committed to finding jobs for women, not men, a goal that is pursued by sex-based affirmative action, taxpayer grants to feminist projects, and means-tested welfare that subsidizes non-marriage and makes husbands and fathers irrelevant.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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