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Monday, October 24, 2011

The United Nations Is Nothing to Celebrate

The United Nations officially began on October 24, 1945, and the globalists would like us to celebrate that anniversary. I think we should celebrate it by teaching the younger generation all the things that are wrong and dangerous about the UN. The UN was supposed to be an agency that kept world peace, but since the UN was started in San Francisco in 1945, the world has fought nearly 150 wars causing over 100 million casualties: 25 in Asia, 13 in Eastern Europe, 23 in the Middle East, 25 in Latin America, and 50 in Africa. The UN spends $20 billion annually and has never been independently audited.

The chief danger from the United Nations today is that it keeps trying to impose treaties on the United States, every one of which is an invasion of our sovereignty. For example, the UN Treaty on Women tries to regulate our laws, customs, personal relationships, family education, textbooks, and wages. All this and more would be under the supervision of a committee of 23 so-called "experts" to monitor our compliance. This UN Treaty would require us to follow UN dictates about "all forms of education," "revision of textbooks," and "teaching methods."

The UN Treaty on the Law of the Sea is really global socialism and world government. It would invade our sovereignty by locking us into a global organization dominated by Third World dictators who hate and envy America. And the U.S. would have only 1 vote out of 180 votes -- the same vote as Castro. Ronald Reagan understood how un-American and foolish the Law of the Sea Treaty is. One of his first acts as President was to refuse to sign it. I suggest we all stand with Ronald Reagan and urge our Senators to vote No any time the Law of the Sea Treaty comes up in the Senate.

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