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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another stem cell failure

The UK BBC reports:
The world's first official trial using human embryonic stem cells in patients has been halted.

Geron, based in California, made the sudden announcement that it was halting further work in this field. ...

Josephine Quintavalle from the group Comment on Reproductive Ethics said: "At long last after 10 years of unremitting hype, reality has caught up with embryonic stem cell claims. If Geron is abandoning this project it is because it is simply not working, despite the millions of dollars and hot air that has been invested in the promotion of this research."
That leaves only one company doing an embryonic stem cell trial, and it has only treated two patients:
In July, a team at the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles that performed two delicate 30-minute procedures in which they carefully infused 50,000 retinal pigmented epithelial cells made from embryonic stem cells into one eye of two patients in the hopes cells would replace those ravaged by two incurable eye ailments. The only results from that trial released so far indicate that no safety problems have arisen.
Embryonic stem cells have been hyped as the greatest medical breakthru in decades, and billions of dollars of taxpayer money has been diverted for research. Liberals touted it as the proof that modern science requires us to redefine human life. But not one person has been successfully treated, and there is very little hope of any commercial therapies in the near future.

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